Intracranial Pressure

Brain / nerve pains

IntraCranial Pressure: pressure within the skull


The brain is surrounded by fluid called ‘cerebrospinal’ fluid which bathes it with nutrients, and provides a cushion for the sensitive nerve cells (called neurones) which make up much of the brain tissue. The pressure of this fluid is usually held fairly constant, but can be increased in conditions where it’s drainage is blocked, or too much is being produced. Conditions which can cause this vary from: brain tumours, and underactive parathyroid glands, to obstructions in the drainage of the veins inside the skull.

This condition can present as a headache, and may also cause visual effects such as blurring; it needs to be properly diagnosed and addressed as quickly as possible through a medical expert.

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This condition is most commonly the result of procedures which require the removal of cerebrospinal fluid for diagnostic purposes. This problem usually occurs because the lining of the brain does not have enough fluid within it to properly support the brain tissue. Headaches resulting from such circumstances are usually self evident; but should be brought to the immediate attention of a medical expert such as your attending Neurologist.

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