Post Trauma Headaches and other problems

Post Trauma Headaches and other problems

Post trauma headaches are a common result of ‘concussion’, where there has been a blow to the head or sudden jolting of the head (ie: car accident, falling off a horse).

It is very important to get these headaches properly investigated by a medical expert, as there may be more serious complications such as bleeding in or around the brain, or actual damage to the brain itself. The actual head-pain will often be as an obvious consequence of the trauma, but there may be a considerable delay before the head-pain is noticeable.

Alterations in the level of consciousness or progressive symptoms of head-pain, nausea or vomiting will often herald an underlying problem that needs urgent medical attention, usually via a hospital.

Trauma can also affect the neck region and this may then in turn refer pain into the head (often with a delay of days to weeks after the initial trauma), so it is very worthwhile having the neck checked also, usually by an expert in muscle and joint problems, such as a Chiropractor, Osteopath or Physiotherapist.

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