Treatment: General Medical for Headache & Migraine relief

Head Pain is one of the most common reasons why patients consult their doctors in the Western world.
Your Doctor is an expert at diagnosing head pain and providing pain management and / or referral.

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1.Addressing Headaches and Migraines which are secondary to underlying pathology or disease processes.
 ie: blood pressure problems and nerve problems / diseases.

2. Acute Treatment.
This is usually administered once the headache or migraine has begun, and usually involves medications such as pain killers (analgesics); anti-emetics for nausea; sumatriptan, ergotamine, and Triptan based medications which act on the blood vessels or neurotransmitters; as well as non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

3. Prophylactic Treatment.
This approach is directed towards reducing attacks ( usually with daily medication); in sufferers of frequent migraines; and may also involve investigating any underlying aggravating factors/causes of the problem and dealing with them directly or through referral.

4. Avoidance of Triggers.
This can involve food diaries to help identify foods which precipitate attacks, modifying dietary habits, and identification of allergies.

5. Non-Pharmacological Treatments.
This may involve any number of different types of therapy, including stress management, vitamin therapy, and referral to other health care experts to deal with specific problems.

6. Referral.
This is useful where a problem is identified that requires expertise in a specific area such as- nerve problems, muscle or joint problems, dental problems e.t.c

Your medical doctor can be of great help in this regard, addressing medical related issues and medications; and referring out for specific treatments or tests- especially where the headaches and migraines may be caused by a number of problems.

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All cases of headache & migraine need to be properly diagnosed by a trained health care professional first.your family doctor is ideally positioned to help make decisions with you and co-ordinate any therapeutic trials. Many cases have a number of causes (not just one), so it is important to consider a combination of therapies / or approaches when this is the case.

Medical doctors like your GP can help diagnosis and management of Headaches and Migraines
Medical doctors like your GP can help diagnosis and management of Headaches and Migraines