Latest Migraine Treatments

Latest Migraine Treatments.
A number of new treatments have become available in recent years, including painkilling drugs and botox, which the Food and Drug Administration has approved for treating people who have migraines at least 15 days a month. In March 2014, the FDA also approved a nerve-stimulating headband, the so-called Cephaly device to treat migraines.

The majority of health experts agree that the best way to combat migraines is to identify the unique combination of ‘ingredients’ that trigger them including stress, alcohol, anxiety, neck and jaw problems, caffeine withdrawal, eyestrain, bright lights, changes in regular eating, sleeping, drinking habits. A number of foods have also been linked to them, including chocolate, peanut butter, wine and other foods containing MSG and nitrates.

Its logical that effective treatments require an individualised combination of medication, lifestyle changes (to avoid migraine triggers), and non-pharmacological approaches including relaxation methods, Chiropractic, Optometry, Dental assessment etc.
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