Treatment: Chiropractic, Physio and Myotherapy for Headache & Migraine relief

Indicated for Neck pain, base of skull pain, temple pain associated with Headaches & Migraines.
Often associated with Neck/Jaw/Shoulder positions at work and rest.
Chiropractors & Osteopaths are experts in diagnosing & treatment of MusculoSkeletal and Nerve referred pain.
They will also provide expertise with lifestyle and dietary considerations.

A common complaint of patients presenting to the chiropractic profession is neck pain associated with headaches and migraines, and there is now much scientific literature to explain how this occurs. This is why the profession has refined a number of methods to deal with spinal related causes, at the same time as dealing with other problems such as diet & posture which may aggravate or precipitate attacks.

Chiropractors are well qualified to properly diagnose the problems which may contribute to head-pain and then conclude if the problem is likely to benefit from treatment, or requires further investigation with tests or referral to an appropriate specialist.

Methods utilised by chiropractors to address headaches and migraines include:
-non-manipulative techniques (ie:mobilisation, stretching, activator)
-manipulation techniques (ie:gentle light adjustments)
-muscular therapy (ie: acupressure, trigger point therapy e.t.c)
-dietary advice
-home stretching and postural advice
-exercise advice
-other modalities such as ultrasound, micro-current e.t.c

2. Osteopathy:
Osteopaths undertake similar training to Chiropractors, and will utilise similar techniques (amongst others) to address neck & spinal related problems which contribute to head-pain.

3. Physiotherapy:
Physiotherapists are also well trained to deal with spinal and muscular causes of head-pain and will utilise a wide array of modalities, including stretching, mobilisation, ultrasound, exercise advice e.t.c

4. Massage:
Therapeutic Massage deals with the muscular component of the headache and migraine problem and often provides good relief by itself; however it often provides far better relief in conjunction with other therapies such as chiropractic, osteopathy, or physiotherapy.
In Summary:

There are a number of capable professions dealing with neck, spinal related, and muscular problems; the mainstream professions have been mentioned above. Of most importance to a migraine or headache sufferer is selecting the practitioner who regularly deals with this type of problem, and is experienced at working as part of an overall approach to the patient’s problem(s). This will ensure the best Migraine treatment or headache treatment regime leading to the best therapeutic outcome.

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Author: Dr Jerome Dixon BSc (Chiropractic) BSc (Biochem)

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All cases of headache & migraine need to be properly diagnosed by a trained health care professional first.your family doctor is ideally positioned to help make decisions with you and co-ordinate any therapeutic trials. Many cases have a number of causes (not just one), so it is important to consider a combination of therapies / or approaches when this is the case.

Trigemminal nerve, Headpain from Muscles and Joints
Trigemminal nerve, Headpain from Muscles and Joints