Nerve Infections

Nerve Infections

Some infections such as Meningitis can cause headaches and migraine like symptoms. Usually these cases will also be accompanied by the associated symptoms of an infection (such as fever, rash, and feeling unwell); but this may not be the case in all patients. Other symptoms can include stiffness in the neck (usually of sudden progressive onset), as well as intolerance to light and irritability. Seizures can sometimes accompany meningitis, as to can unconsciousness if the problem is left undiagnosed. So it is very important to seek medical attention in these cases as infectious related headaches can be life threatening.

Other infectious conditions which can precipitate head-pain include:

Shingles – often occurs in older people after an episode of chicken pox.

Syphilis – in cases which may involve the spread of the infection to the brain.

Polio – this infection can lead to inflammation and degeneration of the nerves around the head and face, as well as head-pain. Fortunately it is rare these days due to worldwide vaccination programs.

Post-viral Neuralgias – this encompasses a broad category of infections which can result in irritation to nerve tissues and consequently head-pain.

All of these cases need to be properly diagnosed to avoid serious complications, so if in doubt- get the correct medical attention; you can start by consulting your family doctor without delay.

(Conditions such as meningitis can be life threatening within hours of the onset.)

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