Treatment: Optometrists: Headache and Migraine relief

Optometrists provide essential primary contact with patients presenting with a
range of eye problems.Most problems can be addressed through simple procedures
such as prescription lenses, eye exercises and advice.

Optometrists are also able to diagnose and detect eye diseases which may require
further intervention by a General practitioner or Ophthalmologist, via referral.

There are a number of common eye conditions which can contribute to head-pain, so it is important to consider this as a possible source of irritation, even where other more obvious causes can be identified. Eye-Strain is amongst the most common eye conditions leading to headpain, and may result from problems with focus. Headache treatment or migraine treatment in such cases, should consider examination and prescription of corrective lenses which often assists in some cases.
Other cases may be as simple as improving lighting conditions at work, or more complex requiring specialist care.
An examination is recommended where the eye, or vision is a problem.

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All cases of headache & migraine need to be properly diagnosed by a trained health care professional first.your family doctor is ideally positioned to help make decisions with you and co-ordinate any therapeutic trials. Many cases have a number of causes (not just one), so it is important to consider a combination of therapies / or approaches when this is the case.