Other Migraines

Other Migraines

Includes :Aura without pain, Menstrual Migraines, Complicated Migraines

Aura without pain

Sometimes an Aura may occur without the headpain and this scenario can be seen in some types of childhood migraine where there may be nausea and even vomiting without pain in the head. An Aura may occur including the usual visual disturbances (zigzag lines and flashing lights or blind spots and possibly sensory disturbances such as numbness or tingling in the face or hands) These episodes will often recur on a regular basis and the sufferer feels tired and wants to find a quite dark room to rest.

Menstrual Migraines

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Migraine attacks occurring in women during menstruation are often more severe than attacks occurring at other times. The fluctuation in hormonal levels during the menstrual cycle and especially prior to menstruation is believed to make the sufferer more susceptible at that time.

Some researchers report an ‘oestrogen priming’ effect during a womens normal menstrual cycle whereby the sudden drop in oestrogen prior to menstruation precipitates a withdrawal response leading to migraine. These theories however, still require further investigation and the link between the menstrual cycle and migraine is not properly understood at this stage.

It has been demonstrated however, that contraceptive and hormonal medications often affect menstrual migraines, causing a worsening in some cases, relief in others. The important consideration in such cases is the investigation and treatment for readily treatable conditions which may further predispose the sufferer to menstrual migraines including: neck problems, eyestrain, poor dietary habits, dental and jaw problems etc..

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Complicated migraine

Complicated Migraine refers to Migraine with atypical symptoms especially involving short term deficits in the sensory, motor and visual functions. These migraines should be thoroughly investigated.

Cluster Headaches

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Most migraine medications are designed to address the attack itself and provide relief or prevent the onset of an attack. Other treatments may be tailored to address underlying causes and aggravating factors as well as avoiding triggers. See “treatments section”…It is also important to note that many migraines have a number of ‘ingredients’ which combine to produce an attack. For further information please see the rollover sections on the homepage head illustration to see specific problems in specific parts of the head, neck, face, diet etc.

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