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ABOUT THIS SITE: This site draws together the expertise of a number of professions, to provide an informative overview of the various causes of headaches and migraines. This overview will help the sufferer to recognise problematic areas and pursue advice as well as recognise that there may be more than one or two problems which interact to produce their head-pain.
Section authors include: Optometrists, Chiropractors, Orthodontists, Specialist Dentists, ENT Surgeons, Neurologists, Pharmacists,& Psychologists.
Since its relaunch in Oct 2011 the site brings you the latest News and Research from around the world.
We also aim to build a directory of the most relevant Health Professionals from around the country /world who can assist head pain sufferers.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated: info@headache.com.au.  All section authors are Melbourne based.

OUR TEAM: ABOUT US at www.headache.com.au 

Chiropractor & Website Editor: Dr Jerome Dixon: Neck Problems

Dr Jerome Dixon Chiropractor and www.headache.com.au editor

Email: jeromedixon@headache.com.au
Practice (consulting) addresses:
517 St Kilda Rd MELB.3004
and 22 Alma Rd St KILDA. 3182
Direct: 0417 22 66 78

89 WhiteHorse Rd BALWYN.3103
Ph: 03 9816 8800

Dr Dixon has a BAppSc (Chiropractic)RMIT University. BSc(Biochemistry)LaTrobe University. Undergrad(Dietetics)Deakin University
Dr Dixon is a Member COCA and completed his studies in 1995.Further postgraduate studies in Headache and Migraine management, and case collaboration with collegues from other professions led him to the concept of www.headache.com.au. and its launch in 2000.
Dr Dixon is available for consultation and keeps up to date with all the latest research around the world.

See: Victorian Practice [ Practice Directory ] for contact details of authors and contributors.

Optometrist- Ms Paula Monaco: Eye Problems
paula monaco optometrist
Ex President Victorian Optometrists Association
Practicing Optometrist
264 Doncaster Road, North Balwyn 3104
Phone:(03) 9816 4100

Chiropractor Dr Grant Shevlin: Assistant Editor & Dietary Triggers
Grant photo 100X100

Dr Grant Shevlin BAppSc (Chiropractic) Grad Dip (Ryo)
Masters in Pain Medicine (Newcastle University, Australia).NCNM

E-mail: mailto: grantshevlin@headache.com.au
Ground Floor 517 St Kilda Rd Melbourne VIC. 3004 AUSTRALIA
Tel: (+613) 9820 0470

Specialist Dentist: Dr Jonathon Tversky
Jonathan Tversky 100X100px
517 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004
Tel: (03) 9867 6900

Email: info@jonathantversky.com.au

ENT Specialist: Mr Anthony Guiney MBBS .FRACS : Ear,Nose & Throat Problems:
Anthony Guiney 100X100

Address: Essendon ENT, Head and Neck Clinic

62 Buckley Street Essendon 3040
Suburb: Essendon
Phone: 03 9375 2099
Also consulting in Blackburn

Neurologist- Dr Henryk Kranz (Retired): Brain & Nerve Problems:
Henryk Kranz 100X100

Pharmacist: William So: Pain Relievers
William So 100X100
Pharmacist: William So
Address: 517 St Kilda Rd. Melbourne 3004
Phone: 03 9866 4892
Content Author for www.headache.com.au & Head Pain Medication expert.

Orthodontist- Dr Gregory White: Jaw Problems

Dentist- Dr Luke Emery: Dental Problems

Australian Bureau of Statistics National Health Survey: Section on Statistics.

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This web-site is not a substitute for medical or complementary-medical intervention or diagnosis; and all sufferers of head-pain are encouraged to have their problems correctly investigated and diagnosed by consultation and examination with the appropriate experts, and in consultation with their family doctor.