Treatment: The Combined approach:Headache & Migraine relief

Treatment in such cases should be coordinated by practitioners who understand the need for a multi-pronged approach; and enlist the services of other professions who can contribute to the rehabilitation process. In many cases, patients have been suffering for a long time before they seek help, and it is necessary to address the causes of their problems with a program of therapy and advice, so there is no quick fix; this is what is meant by the term ‘rehabilitation’.
For example, a common scenario would involve someone who has a history of headaches since childhood, and has a more recent history of a motor vehicle accident, with subsequent worsening of their headaches since. A case such as this clearly demonstrates a need to address the long term causes of the patients problems (ie: serious problems, dietary habits, hormones, posture, allergies, eyes, e.t.c); as well as the possible consequences of the motor vehicle accident (ie: neck, jaw, brain damage/head trauma e.t.c).
Consequently this patient may need the help of a number of health professionals (to address the individual causes); and possibly for a medium to long term trial of therapy.

A Combined approach may also help patients who have had various forms of treatment- with little success
Often these patients have had only one facet of their problems addressed, and the headaches / migraines continue due to the other causes being largely unaddressed.
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Jerome Dixon has studied a Science degree majoring in Biochemistry at LaTrobe University in Melbourne Australia, as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chiropractic at R.M.I.T University in Melbourne Australia.
Undergraduate studies have also been undertaken in Dietetics at Deakin University in Geelong Victoria as well as post graduate seminars for the management of headaches and migraines in private practice.
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All cases of headache & migraine need to be properly diagnosed by a trained health care professional first.your family doctor is ideally positioned to help make decisions with you and co-ordinate any therapeutic trials. Many cases have a number of causes (not just one), so it is important to consider a combination of therapies / or approaches when this is the case.
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